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My workshop tips and tricks, tools, also to select and buy equipment, and other random topics!

My Workshop and equipment

As it stands today my workshop is a disaster area!  We have been in our current home for about thirteen years now.  My workshop was a disaster 10 years ago and it is still today!  One of my projects is to finish the 56' x 27' basement, but right now all I have is some lumber and insulation.   I have tried to keep everything away from the walls to facilitate framing and insulating them.  Needless to say it is hard to keep a workshop organized in this state.  Also I am taking on too many projects which just increases the mess!  Finish a project throw all the tools and materials on the workbench and go upstairs.  The workbench really gets covered up!

At least the home improvement centers have their material prices on line, so you can have a ball park feel of what your project is going to cost.  Take a look at the reviews of my own equipment below, hopefully it may help in your decision.

Mandatory pieces of workshop equipment

My nice cast iron table sawMy Table Saw

I have found I have to have a table saw and a drill press.  At one point I owned a compound miter saw but not a table saw.  I am way better off with a table saw, it is so much more flexible a piece of equipment.  Granted it takes up more space but it is worth it.

A variable speed drill press is essential for your workshopMy Drill press

Wow I can finally drill a straight hole!  Even angled holes.  I even sharpen my lawn mower blade on my drill press.

Workshop Organization, Maybe?Small material storage shelf, or shelf bins

This industrial storage shelf has been so useful for storing all my construction supplies.  You see them where you work, buy one for your workshop.  I end up using materials I have owned for decades: Am I a hoarder?  Read more!

My Maple Workbench, woodworking bench.

Years ago I bought a $400 maple workbench, I forget from what source.  Moving it when we relocated was tough, the top of this bench is thick maple and it is heavy!  This is a flat topped bench with holes for "dogs" and the bench has provisions and included two removable wooden vises.  This bench is great.  I keep it fairly near the middle of the shop so that I can move to any side of a given project.  You really do want a workbench in the center of a room versus up against a wall.  Now if you have room for two benches, one on the wall is great.

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