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Tips & Tricks

These do it yourself tips and tricks, as always, have an emphasis on low cost, quality, solutions.  

As I write these tips and tricks I try to find sources of materials at the lowest prices.
I try to include sample product links, but please always read the reviews.

Below are descriptions of tips you will find when you follow the links.  Many of these tips will have helpful photos for clarity.  Also on this page links to other web sites that have helpful information for the tip at hand.  Please check out my home page www.bobshowto.com!

Earthing Sheets cause clothes dryer run on

Our dryer just would not stop.  It kept running getting very hot and everything had thoroughly dried for quite some time.  It finally struck me, it was the Earthing Sheets?

Do It Yourself Sliding Door Screen sticks 

The sliding screen door on your sliding patio door never seems to glide smoothly, here's one tip that may help.  If your sliding screen door is binding click the link above.  When your screen door sticks you can fix it with these tips.  Read more Sliding Screen Door sticks

Lawn Care Tips

Some unique tips for mowing your lawn.  Avoid getting grass cuttings or trimmings on your sidewalk.  Avoid getting grass clippings on your driveway.  Make lawn mowing easier and spend less time mowing and cleaning up afterward!  A landscaping tip to help eliminate edging your sidewalk or eliminate edging your driveway, well at least reduce edging your sidewalk and reduce edging your driveway in general.  Read more Lawn Mowing Tips 

Septic System Odor 

Septic Odor Filters

Septic Odor

Wolverine Vent Filter

Residential filter vent

Residential & Industrial Odor Control

Your sitting in your back yard with friends and it smells like your neighbor just fertilized his field the natural way, only he didn't.  A simple non-chemical improvement to your septic system to reduce septic system odor.  Also manufacturer product information regarding antibacterial and antimicrobial agents and their impact on your septic systemRead more  Septic Tank Odor

It appears A & H have made the following two links invalid.  I did email them about this and they did send me a hard copy of the article on septic care.  I do not know as yet whether they will restore this information to their web site. 

www.armandhammer.com Reminders Septic body.htm  I am going to try baking soda myself to reduce septic tank odor, see also, www.armandhammer.com Brochures body.htm "Sensible Septic Tank care" for an interesting note on pH.
I have

The documents are back in Word format 
Here is a link to an Arm & Hammer Microsoft Word Doc file with the complete information:
www.armhammer.com brochure documents septic.doc

2/02/2013: Sorry even the document above is gone, all that is left is this tidbit:

Flush our product down your toilet!

The Soap and Detergent Association has a nice set of pages assuring us that bleaches and even antibacterial agents will not affect our septic systems! Here is their; Special Report on Septic Tank Systems.

These filters look like they should help.  I have not tried them personally;  Activated Charcoal Filters.

Doorway BO

You walk up to the front door of your house and think, wow, I must need a shower, you check and you do not.  You have some kind of doorway odor that smells like body odor.  It seems like as you approach your house it has BO!  You just cannot find the source of that bad odor.  Read more  Doorway BO

Do It Yourself Vinyl Siding Repair

Using this shortcut makes it easy to fix vinyl siding damage.  It also helps solve the vinyl siding repair color mismatch problem.  Repair vinyl siding without the need to remove the damaged portion.  No "Zip" tool required, no nails to pull.  Read more  Fix It Yourself Siding Repair

Sliding Glass Door blocked by snow buildup a tip

Do you have problems closing your sliding glass door after that big snow storm?  Here is a tip that will make it easier to close the sliding patio door in the winter time.   Read more, Close sliding patio door

Tea Time Tip

Here is a simple tip that will save you at Tea Time; a Tea Time Saver !  Read more Tea Time !

College Admission Tip

If your anticipate having difficulty with admission to your college of choice, try this college acceptance tip!  College Admission Tips; a tip.

College tuition costs Tip

Here is one way to drastically reduce your college tuition expenses, if you plan ahead!  High tuition costs for college; a tip.

Move myself tips

We had to move from our 2700 sq ft. home in the burbs to our 1500 sq ft. vacation home in the country, thanks to an "opportunity" afforded me by my employer; a layoff!  Read about some unusual moving tips and tricks.  Please also see:

Moving tips, winches and ramps.

A fairly easy system to implement which makes it possible to move yourself!

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