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BobsHowTo and the rating of Supplemental

A supplemental web page rating, what you may get from Google.  Google's supplemental index seems to contain pages which I believe Google feels there is less interest in the page on the internet in general.  The Google supplemental index seems to contain less information about the web page and I'd say specifically content of the page that might be considered a template of the entire website, a simple example being the word "Copyright" or the date range of the copyright, 2003-2015, perhaps.  I mention this now as it leads to a simple way to determine what pages of a website are in Google's primary index (PI) and what pages are in the supplemental index.  If you are a lucky webmaster and have small or relatively large sites you may actually have no pages at all in the supplemental index (SI).

Canonicalization is a prerequisite

Before researching the supplemental status of a website it is imperative that the site be well "canonicalized", that is to say each webpage of a website should only appear in Google's index once.  Start with a simple test using the Google search command "site:", for instance site:www.example.com.  This command should provide Google results with only one listing for each page on a website.  What frequently occurs on many websites are multiple listings in the Google results for one page.  An example:



Both listings will be in the "site:" search results and normally this is undesirable.  Annoyingly, at least in the past,  Google produces two listings if the site's pages were available both with and without secure access, so:


would also show in the search results; there may be many duplicate listings, from a site that has not been canonicalized.


The path above would be a canonical problem, but if you right click, and click "view source" on this page you will see:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.bobshowto.com/win_xp.htm">

For most search engines this will correct a canonicalization problem.  So adding HTML code like this, to the page at the primary path on a site; regardless of which "copy" of the page is opened, Google will only index the primary page.

If you are a webmaster and your site is less than 1000 pages or so, you can do a "site:www.example.com" and on the very last page of Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) you see this:

"In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 358 already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included."

Then you still have a canonicalization problem somewhere on the website.

Only once you have solved all these problems should you start investigating supplemental pages.

The supplemental test

It used to be very straight forward to find the supplemental pages of a website using the Google site command:


simply adding the "/*" to the end of the path would do it, you could even limit it to subdirectories.  Even more elaborate was listing only the non-supplemental pages:

site:www.bobshowto.com -site:www.bobshowto.com/*

The site's pages minus the sites supplemental pages!

The "new" supplemental test; site structure

The website being tested using the new supplemental test, must have some definitive structure, commonly called a template of some kind.  There must be unique text or numbers repeated on every page.  For BobsHowTo something simple like the copyright date range "2003-2015" is sufficient (Note: I did not use "2003-TwentySixteen" which was on every page when I wrote this).  For BobsHowTo (BHT) the word copyright is not as appropriate because copyright also appears in the content of some pages.  So the test is this simple:

site:www.bobshowto.com -"2003-2015"

Change this to the date range you see in my copyright at the bottom of the page for it to actually work!  Poof supplemental pages, you're lucky if you have none!  For non-supplemental pages:

site:www.bobshowto.com "2003-2015"   (No minus sign!)

So there you have it!  And below is a table of BobsHowTo supplemental pages.  And by the way I'm trying to solve this problem in several ways, one is creating this informative webpage!

If you are looking at a Word Press site "Powered by WordPress" is a classic template phrase.

Table of Supplementals

Computing Win XP no more  
Tea time tip and party saver  
Cost of deviated septum surgery  
Cat Cape, easily give a cat medicine  
A drill press, an essential workshop tool  
Sore gums below our crowns, a solution  
Build a home website, using a dialup connection  
How to kill grass in driveway  
Howarth, coal is my transition fuel  
Temporary vision loss can be unnerving  
My distorted vision  
Human Resources, are you a lump of coal?  
Landscape pipe installation  
Several Glaucoma Surgeries to date  
Having night sweats, a solution.  
Health insurance denial, is it malpractice  
Mulching Lawn Mower clippings mess  
Handling steep trails and terrain  
Hopefully unique ski trip suggestions  
The quality of a modular home, jigs?  
An unstable blood pressure for decades  
A tennis return of service discovery  
An instant read thermometer you own one  

Some of these pages may legitimately deserve a little disdain, some my seem obsolete, but in the case of computing, WIN XP is still in use in many 3rd world nations, even the UK I think has a special support license for Windows XP.  This page still has value, but it may not be very popular.

I hope this helps you,









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