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Science topics, physics, astronomy, book reviews, fun things to do!

These pages are dedicated to science topics; science book reviews primarily in physics and astronomy; gravity, black holes, string theory, and hopefully some simple science projects.  I like to document fun and unique scientific things to do.

Physics is a hobby of mine and I truly enjoy watching and reading about breakthroughs in these fields of endeavor.  Since it is a hobby I really do not have to get serious about it.

A 24 hour solar tracker, in my basement?Cold Fusion (LENR) or Deuterium Fission?

Consider another possible explanation for the "cold fusion" (now LENR) heat phenomena.  A Casimir effect neutrino lens, created by a crystal lattice aligned with the solar neutrino flux to produce deuterium fission?  To the right my 24 hour solar tracker, in my basement?

Drop a magnet through the copper pipeFun things to do

Here is one.  Find a piece of copper pipe about 1" in diameter and 2' long.  While holding the pipe vertically and using a strong magnet like neodymium, drop the magnet through the pipe and watch what happens; amazing isn't it!  

Have you seen the Green Flash?

This can happen at sunrise or sunset, a green flash occurs as the sun appears or disappears from view!  The best place to be is on the ocean on a perfectly clear calm day, with a clear view of the horizon on the ocean's surface.  At sunrise, for an instant, green light will flash by you.  It is always surprising.  You can see it at sunset too, but be very careful whenever you peer at the sun.  Sunrise is obviously a safer time to look!  In my case I was actually looking at the deck we were standing, so the flash it almost as intense as the following sunlight so, for an instant, everything around you flashes green!


Did you know millions of neutrinos (actually billions and billions) are flying through your body and even the earth this instant.  They come from the sun and the universe!

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory:

This observatory demonstrated neutrinos alter their state when traveling from the Sun to the Earth indicating neutrinos may have a very small mass as opposed to none at all.

An introduction to the neutrino:

What's a neutrino?

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