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Reviews of products that work well, that is what you will find here, unless I really get $#%@$'d then I might write a negative review.  But in most cases why should I give a poor product the light of day by writing any kind of review?  Some times I will take a chance and buy a product I am really suspicious of, only to find, hey maybe this works.  In that case I think it is fair to write at least something.  My reviews can be really short!  But in most cases if you are looking for a particular item maybe a short review is the best.

I may at times retract a review and I am sorry if I have misled anyone, but I will try to correct mistakes I have made in any product review in the past.

My Petty Experience CertificateSpeedway Challenge, Richard Petty Driving Experience

Well it was a lot of fun.  50 laps in my own 600 horsepower stock car.  It was definitely a driving experience.  I did not see Richard Petty, but I learned driving a stock car is a lot of fun and a lot of work!

Cleaning you mower deck

This product, Mo-Deck, I consider a time saver.  It is far from a cure-all for grass stuck to your mower deck, but surprisingly, what I do see when mowing is old clumps of grass occasionally falling off the mower deck!  In the past once the grass is stuck, it usually stayed there.  So this is a positive review of a time saving product that I will keep trying for a while.

Howarth_0.jpg (71305 bytes)Dr. Howarth of Cornell chooses coal as his transition fuel

There is a grand plan to convert New York state to solar, wind, and hydro by 2050.  The only problem is a transition fuel must be chosen in the interim.  Dr. Robert Howarth of Cornell has chosen coal over natural gas.  If we want to save our trees and the environment in general his choice is simply incorrect.  Howarth on methane.

Reviews of more products .....

Well I hoped this helped a little for what ever your current "How To" list is.

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