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My "pet" projects.

Pets need a lot of attention, and are certainly a lot of fun, but they can tie you down quite a bit.  I think our two pets are more in control of us then we are in control of them.  Our dog is young and needs lots of exercise and attention.  Our cat is aging and is beginning to have special needs.  I have been trying to solve some problems related to our pets, hopefully in an original way, that will be useful to others.  Some problems, and projects, are simple like jingling dog tags.  Other problems, such as feeding the cat and dog at the same time, or in our case, letting our cat eat whenever he wants, may take a little more effort.  As I come up with new solutions, I hope you will find useful, projects for pets, here.

Feed our cat and dog together

Our cat is aging.  We used to separate the cat and dog at feeding time by putting the cat's food in a high place.  This made it easy for our cat to eat anytime he wants but prevents the dog from getting to the cat's food.  But our cat is now tired of jumping that high!  Uh oh, how can I let the cat eat whenever he wants, but prevent the dog from eating the cat food!  Isolate dogs from cats, project. 

Here is a neat tip to save your pet if they've eaten broken glass or other dangerous objects.

At this link search for "Emergency Remedy for Swallowed Objects"

Amazing pet saving tip.









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