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Organize your spaces !

If you organize your organizational projects you should be able to obtain your materials at the best prices.  Hmmm.
When you shop online please realize there will almost always be bad reviews.

Organize your shopping, household space, organize your workshop and save time and space.  I realized many of my "Bobs How To" projects really have to do with organization.  I am designing and constructing a ceiling below my deck, not so much that it is covered or dry under the deck, but so I can store large stuff under the deck in an organized fashion.  I want a dry place to store larger, bulky, building materials like 4 x 8 plywood sheets, 2 x 4 x 12 lumber etc.  So it really is an organization project.  Another major area of organization, believe it or not, is in your shopping, especially online shopping.  I have tried to put together an aid to online shopping, a set of folders and links to organize your shopping experience.


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Shopping shortcuts

You really want to spend a little time organizing your shopping.  Being able to rapidly find that old special source of materials that you purchase from, once every two years, but you know they are a great source that offers fair prices and you do not want to waste time finding this online resource every time you want to shop there.  That's what organizing your shopping links is all about.  Establishing categories that you recognize and from these shopping categories you can rapidly locate that special, economical source you like so much.  Also please check out my Quick Shop Links.  These can save you time with your online shopping.


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Storage organization ideasStorage space

I just completed a quick project which drastically increased our storage space in the house.  It is a neat trick and I have documented this concept on my storage ideas page.

Organize Workshop

Wow for me a big task.  I spent a lot of time figuring out how to best place my table saw in my workshop.  But recently we had a heat pump installed forcing me to completely reorganize the workshop again!

Sources, References, and Links:

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