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BobsHowTo events of significance


On 10/19/2015 I made a change to bobshowto.com that seemed to slow down several browsers.  This change was related to Amazon javascript code added to the site.  I apologize for any problems accessing bobshowto.com on the 19th or 20th.


I have revised the navigation yet again in an attempt to support small phone screens, hopefully making life easier for mobile visitors.


I have revamped the navigation of the site with the hope of supported smaller devices.  There is now dynamic navigation menus, hover over the "Navigation" bar and more navigation menus will appear, click on a choice and the menus go away.  This allows more space for the text of the page, which obviously is important on smart phones, and tablets.


I have restructured quite a few of the "infrastructure" pages of Bobs How To in an attempt to appease the search engine deities.  It may be that having many individual well structured policy, terms, complaint, news, thanks, contact pages, etc, appears to some of these noble algorithms as excessive "thin content".  I thought of it as lack of clutter and definitive organization, but that does no good at all if no one ever visits the site!  Does it!   (Bob)


Well I acquiesce.  I used to insist my navigation should be on the right side of the page adjacent to the scroll bar, so you could move up and down the page and navigate multiple pages with very little mouse movement.  But today, one would say; What mouse?  Phones and tablets are using "drag" methods for scrolling, so given this and the need for these tiny screens to have the site navigation on the left; I give up, and there it is! 


I made a mistake updating the website which may have caused your browser to be a little slow loading all my pages.  This should be corrected now!


Wow, I discovered I use the word "actually" needlessly in many sentences!  Google thinks it is a major keyword on my website.  Thanks Google for finding this quirk!

Google has a quirk too.  Surprisingly Google seems to think "it's" is a keyword.  It is usually a "stopword" for most search engines.  So I apologize if you see "it's" in my sentences.  I hope this change helps when you are searching for information on my website.

Also I hope you find the revised navigation menu scheme a little more convenient.  I apologize to those who turn off "javascript" support, but so many websites require it now.  I do hope to tweak the design to support visitors who still do not allow javascripts.


I have been revising the structure of many of the site's pages.  In doing so I seem to have corrupted quite a few pages, sorry!  I believe I have corrected most of the errors, but if you see something unusual, please email me at bob at bobshowto.com with the @ sign in place of the word at.  The junk mail is becoming overwhelming, but I cannot afford to miss any legitimate email from my visitors.  And thanks for visiting.

I hope as a result of these changes to speed up the website a little more.  I may be altering the appearance of the background of all the pages to some extent.  I do hope to keep the format very similar.  Bob


No news is good news!  I hope I have improved the page load time of the site.  The text content is given precedence over other content.  Please forgive the ads, but it does cost money to run and maintain the site!  As always I avoid popups and also I try to avoid any kind of flashing ad, but at times this is impossible.  If it is subtle I may show it, sorry.  I apologize again about the deck ceiling plans (guidelines may be a better term).  I do have what I feel is a very good design now and will be documenting it in the near future.  I also have the advantage of having tested the design through one winter season and it performed as expected.


I have been using the Firefox browser to some extent and hopefully I have been correcting relatively minor problems related to rendering using Firefox and all the common browsers.


Removed ads by Magazine City.com.  They no longer have an acceptable Better Business Bureau report.  


Finally by hook or by crook, I have managed to enable GZIP compression of this websites content.  My web host made this difficult to do, and it should be trivial.  For the 56K modem user this can mean a 3 to 4 times faster page load of the www.bobshowto.com web pages.  Remarkably only 10%-20% of the web sites out there support GZIP compression.  This is probably mainly due to stingy web hosts, the businesses that host the web sites that you find on the Internet.  Unfortunately if you have Norton Internet Security on your computer this GZIP compression is disabled!  At least for the 2003 version of NIS.  Turn off the security feature and you start receiving compressed web pages from my site and even Google™ too!


Revised site to use Iframes for certain content, again for speed of presentation of content.


In an effort improve site performance I have downgraded the appearance of the site once again.  Hopefully this will improve page load times for those with slower connections (like me at 45.2 in the Endless Mountains).  I hope in the near future to take advantage of some tricks on my server using sub domains to tune up performance.  I believe the changes made today will reduce page load time by 3 to 4 seconds.

8/19/2004 NBAF Magazine subscriptions has bad BBB report.

NBAF magazine subscriptions (www.nbaf.com) did have a good Better Business Bureau report, this is no longer the case and the BBB says NBAF is no longer a member.  Today I have ceased all NBAF advertising I had on my site.  I am also wondering whether I will receive the two magazines I renewed through NBAF!

08/15/2004 Company sneaks in Pop-Up and even file download

A company that had a banner ad at the bottom of my web pages appears to have "snuck in" some delayed "Pop-Ups" and perhaps even spawned a file download.  If this happened to you while visiting www.bobshowto.com I apologize.  The file download can be rejected.  I inspect these ads before I insert them in the site, but it is possible for the advertiser to retroactively change the content.  Also by placing a "Cookie" on my PC they may well trick me into not realizing there are "Pop-ups" from a given advertiser.  I am not totally sure www.bobshowto.com was the source of these "Pop-ups", but I have deleted one advertiser I suspected of sneaking them in.

07/28/2004 Bad BBB Report

A company I advertised no longer has an acceptable Better Business Bureau report.  When I began advertising this company, they did have a good Better Business Bureau report.  As soon as I discovered this deficiency I pulled the ads.
The company is : LS Marketing, LLC
The product is Snoring Stopper : http://www.snoringstopper.com
The BBB report: www.labbb.org(Sorry outdated 02/09/2013)

6/22/2004 Bit the bullet and moved site to IPowerWeb

Well I had to do it; Epix.net and Microsofts IIS 5.1 are just too unreliable.  Google is tough when web pages are not present just once, and even more so if not present twice.  If Google misses a page once the page remains in the index in limbo.

The page URL is known but there is no description or summary provided.  If Google misses the page twice, you are out of the index for a month, unless your site is scanned daily by Google which some are.  So www.bobshowto.com is now hosted by IPowerWeb.  Our home website, which I am guilty of not maintaining much is still running on my PC using dialup, usually connecting at 46.6 to Epix, although we may choose another ISP soon.  Take a look at www.windyhill.info our home website. 

6/21/2004  Google Search Page added

I have added a Google search page.  Google now allows customizing the search results to match your site.  They also allow you to add a clickable banner at the top.  So I made up this nice Spectrum Banner that will return you to my search page.  I sort of like the blue background with the Google results.

6/4/2004  Bob at BobsHowTo.com email address stolen by virus

My primary email address is now being used, probably by a virus, to send mail and sometimes even send viruses to email addresses I have never heard of.  Apparently this is a very common occurrence.  This has probably been going on for about 6 months.  Anybodies PC that is infected with certain viruses will send out emails, emails perhaps containing a virus.  These emails will appear to be sent by people you may have added to your address or contacts list.  I know my email address has fallen victim to this because I receive emails from mail servers saying mail I personally have never sent has been rejected by the server because it has a virus attached, or the person no longer exists, etc.  To date no one has complained directly to me about these problems, and I do not look forward to that day.  I really hate to cause any of my visitors inconvenience!  What I could do is send emails to visitors that have written to me, but this may be viewed as spam, so it is a tough decision.  Please let me know at Bob at BobsHowTo.com of your opinion about this if you have emailed me in the past.  You will note that I continue to avoid using the @ sign in an effort to defeat automated email address searches, thereby hopefully avoiding spam and reducing my exposure to email address theft.  I hope no one is inconvenienced by these occurrences.  Here are some links regarding the topic:

5/23/2004 Significant change to BobsHowTo.com site navigation

I have made a significant change in the site layout.  The navigation remains the same, but the navigation bars have moved.  This new layout should improve page download time.  Also I hope it will be easier to navigate the site; with the navigation bars near the scroll bar, hopefully, I will not be putting as much wear and tear on your mouse or you hand for that matter.  Any obvious problems please let me know Bob at BobsHowTo.com.  Replace the "at" with "@".  I have noted with this change that on some pages the text may jump or "rewrap" once, sorry, hope to fix it!  Thanks, Bob









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