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My firewood log rack

Don't forget a CO detector!


My firewood rack was built out of necessity.  I needed a log rack on my deck and I did not want anything made from steel; I have learned about rust stains on decks, and even more so concrete, from any steel firewood rack.  When I looked for free firewood rack plans I did not find anything I really liked; they were all too complicated.  In fact it looked like even paid plans were complicated and limited in their flexibility.  So I wanted something really simple.

Please see my Firewood Rack plans.
Also a trick to light a wood stove.

On this page I have firewood rack pictures; several photos of Log Racks in action.  The firewood rack picture (s) are thumbnails you may click on for a larger image.  Please review other plans carefully.  They may use a lot more material, or require complex cuts, painting, cause stains, etc.

Firewood rack photos

Firewood loaded into a 12 foot rack

Firewood RackStacked a little over the top this is really half a cord using 16 inch split wood!  This rack uses 12 foot 2 x 4's.  Note there are support 2 x 4 pieces under the 12 foot 2 x 4's, this spreads the load on the deck and supports the long 2 x 4 span.

My Firewood rack plans produce a better rack at a lower cost (including the plans!). Bob 

 Also known as Seymour Fire Blox

An 8 foot and 10 foot log rack in action!

We added a Gazebo to our deck so my 12 foot rack had to be converted to an 8 foot and 10 foot rack.  More than 1/2 a cord of firewood.  Firewood Rack PlansI was a little nervous with this much load on the deck, and then having 2 feet of snow piled up too!  But as you can see I kept the racks and lumber near the house foundation, so the foundation and not the deck structure carried most the load.  Please make absolutely sure your deck is well bolted and nailed to your house framing if you are stacking lumber like I am here.  That much wood is a lot of weight!  You can see that even though I have a drifting problem, I kept these wood racks close to the house foundation.

I really like the fire starters to the right.  They have good reviews.  I do use about four little blocks to start my wood stove, please see my tip on lighting a wood stove.  I first learned of these starters at Killington Ski area.  At that time they were Seymour Fire Blox, but the Rutland Safe-Lite product seems identical.

Thanks for visiting!

The Firewood Brackets can be a shortcut!  They are not as nice, or as cheap, as my Firewood Rack.  Including the price of the plans!









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