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Low cost long distance

Low cost discount long distance rates and service at 5 or even 3.9 cents a minute with no monthly fees.  When we moved to this area, one of the things we had to do was cut our expenditures.  I had been laid off from a good source of income and since we chose to relocate we also lost my wife's source of income.  So cutting costs was essential.  Of many things we looked at, one was long distance telephone expenditures, they were significant.  We are not on the phone all the time, but sometimes you must make long phone calls and the costs at $0.10 cents a minute sure add up.  We read a popular consumer magazine and it had made several recommendations for sources of low cost or discount long distance service.  Oddly enough when you search on the web using one of the many long distance service search services, it seems like the best sources do not come up.

Using the popular consumer magazines suggestions we checked into the first recommendation.  Turns out this service was not available in our area, but their web site suggested Total Call International.  We looked into this service and got them on the phone and yes they did offer discount service in our area at $0.05 cents a minute with no monthly charge!  They also will and did credit to our new account the long distance service change over charge of about $50.00 charged by Commonwealth Telephone company ( CTco ) (Now Frontier.  All we had to do was send a copy of our phone bill from CTco to TCI to get our credit.  If you use the phone a lot they have a 3.9 cent a minute plan too; not right for us but maybe for you.  Whoa, I just checked their down to 4.4 cents a minute, interstate, with no monthly fee.

Please note: If you find this information useful and are considering Total Call International please give them my name, Robert (Carol) Matheson and they will give us a $10.00 credit on our long distance bill if you sign up!  ( Thanks! ).  That offer's open to all their customers.  So please call them at the number below and start saving money.

In talking to our new long distance service they also asked "Would you like to transfer your local long distance service as well at the same $0.05 cents a month rate?"  CTco also charged $0.10 cents a minute for this so I said sure!

From here out TCI took care of the entire change over of long distance service.  CTco called us to confirm our change over to  Quest (now Century Link) long distance, the actual long distance carrier.  I am not sure how it works, perhaps Total Call International establishes a business account with Quest and passes the savings on to us.  Regardless, it is only costing us $0.05 cents a minute with no monthly fee.  We still have to pay for our local phone service through CTco. at about $15.00 a month.  And obviously the CTco. bill now has no long distance charges at all.  The question they asked about changing local long distance service was an important one!

We have been using a discount long distance service for more than a year now (Nine years now! ) and are completely satisfied.  The quality of the audio or sound is excellent and the service has been very reliable.  They have followed through on everything they said they would do.

We have not had much of a need to make many international calls so I cannot comment on these rates.  Probably within a year or two we will be planning a trip to the National Park Service, Virgin Islands Virgin Islands so we will find out soon enough.

TCI is also offering Internet access and surprisingly with a local phone number.  Local Internet access is hard to come by here, no Cable where we are.  I may switch in the near future, but I do get a good 46.6 or 45.2 connection with my current ISP even though we are at the end of the line, literally for electric and phone.  The last phone pole is about 50 yards from where I am writing this article.

Don't forget to check all three rates if you can, state to state ( intrastate ), in state ( interstate ), and local long distance ( IntraLATA ).  There are potentially three separate rates depending upon where you live.  LATA: "Local Access and Transport", networking terminology for your "local" telephone line.  Wikipedia Website Telephone Terminology Wikipedia.

Here is their website: http://www.totalcallusa.com/ and again their number 800-322-6927.

Hope this helped you find a discount long distance provider, Thanks








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