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Nasal congestion, broken bones, health insurance, some observations from a customer and patients perspective.

A strange Bobs How To topic for the Do It Yourselfer but I feel the information could be useful to many who may be experiencing health problems for the first time.  I have had a broken leg, a broken collar bone, eye surgery (s), a tonsillectomy, and sinus or nasal surgery for a deviated septum ( chronic sinusitis ), including removal ( excision ) of the uvula!  Also, tinnitus ( ringing ) of the right ear, probably about for a year, and it cleared itself up.  I also have been graced with Low Tension Glaucoma, receiving laser treatment and medical therapy as well.  And very recently Lyme Disease with a bout of trigeminal neuralgia.  I thought I would write up my impressions of all these experiences again hopefully to help those encountering these things for the first time.  There seems to be a lack of information from the patients viewpoint on the web, so I would like to provide observations from the patients perspective.

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An albuterol inhaler for breathing emergenciesAsthma cure; Magnesium, Epsom Salts?

I could not believe my good fortune, I started supplementing with Mg both orally and dermally and my asthma was cured, after 20 years of medication!  Cure asthma?

Our gums underneath capped teeth were causing problems

Saline rinses were helping, but they did not make nearly as much improvement as oral irrigation

I just installed an attic fanNight Sweats, perhaps it is not you!

Both my wife and I have occasionally had problems with sweating at night.  So much so you wake up in drenched, and sometimes even cold, sheets.  Find out what one source of our "nights sweats" was.

Deviated septum, sinus congestion, chronic sinusitis and nasal surgery.  

I learned I had a deviated septum in the year 2000.  I have since had sinus surgery and had what I would call a remarkable experience, read more, deviated septum.

My Deviated Septum surgery.

How To Stop Morning Breath In Less Than 45 Seconds Per Day
Everybody Has It - But What Can You Do About It?

Determining the costs of surgeries

Having had several surgeries now, and also, now that I am flying without a net (no medical insurance), I have investigated how to determine, to some extent, the cost of many surgeries that are done.  The secret to know is the CPT code!

Labile Blood PressureLabile High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) 

Yes I have high blood pressure, but it is intermittent or "labile".  Some unusual observations, and my own self treatments.

Health insurance coverage denied by preferred risk health insurance companies.

My health insurance application has now been denied twice. I am currently in the situation of trying to work from home, the dream come true, right!  Well maybe not when it comes to health insurance, unfortunately you may not want to be so frank and honest with your doctor hypothetically speaking that is!  Read more health insurance policy denied. Medical malpractice

After 10 years plus, by rejecting me, the insurance companies have lost at least $120,000 of payments I would have made to them.  There's been nothing wrong with me, or my wife, that whole time other than allergies, turned into asthma, that was completely treatable (and three years ago cured by me!).  Now with the Affordable Care Act the insurance companies have to take my money, and insure me; they were idiots!

Post Nasal Drip Solution > Click Here!

A thick sinus discharge, sometimes choking, accumulating in the back of the throat, mostly while sleeping.  I have had this condition more seriously in the past and now infrequently in the present.  I was astonished to learn the causes and a simple correction.  Read More

Temporary Vision Loss, Migraine of the Optic Nerve

There have been several occasions where I have started to lose my vision, once while driving, once while skiing.  These turned out to be temporary, say 30 to 60 minutes, my doctor diagnosed them as a migraine of the optic nerve   I have learned several things about these lost vision occurrences and wanted to pass on my observations and a potential way to perhaps avoid this problem.  Temporary Vision Loss

A review of my experiences with Low Tension Glaucoma, from a patients perspective

I have had Low Tension Glaucoma for a number of years now.  This is my experience, with medications, laser surgery, and the tests involved.  Low Tension Glaucoma

My Glaucoma Surgery 

I have had several laser surgeries for normal tension glaucoma.  I thought I should discuss these in more detail and my future potential trabeculectomy.

My first statement from Geisinger Wyoming ValleyMy experience with bills (statements) from Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center Finance, or "How To" cut medical costs.

This is an example of one cause of the rising healthcare costs.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with Healthcare though!  Read more Rising Health Care Cost experience

Sources and References:

The table below documents the various government sources of information that are used throughout my health and fitness "How To's".  PubMed is a database of medical/health study research listing thousand of abstracts.  The hierarchy begins with the US Department of Health and Human Services, which cascades to the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Disease Control.  The real reference information begins with the National Library of Medicine with Medline and Pubmed.



US Government Health website Hierarchy 
1 hhs.gov/ 
2 nih.gov/
3. cdc.gov/ 
4 nlm.nih.gov/ 


...nih.gov/ medlineplus

6 ...nih.gov/ pubmed








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