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Fun photos & Entertainment

Fun photos, pictures, and entertaining occurrences here at Bobs How To.  BobsHowTo is now located in dairy country.  What is nice about the country is you get to see many events, I would call them mostly non-human; when you live in the suburbs you mostly see human related events (crashes, things like that).  Although when we lived in the suburbs we did have the good fortune of watching a young hawk mature, groups of owls fly over our porch at 9:00 PM, all because our home backed up to a small isolated plot of woods, which was surrounded by suburbs.  I have been told people would drive 200 miles to watch a young hawk, and we had one to watch in our backyard in the burbs! Published here hopefully you will find fun and entertaining stuff.  Hope you enjoy!  Bob.

PC Color Spectrum sample display

Free Wallpaper ?

Well it is not quite wallpaper but it is free to use.  Please check out PC Color Spectrum II.  It is much like a dynamic wallpaper, but also like a screen saver, but it is Internet browser based so it is far more portable.  It is possible you could use it as your windows XP Active Desktop.  Please be forewarned this is a CPU hog!  It can slow your PC down with certain settings.

The Party Strobe Light

Fun for TWO or more, a PC based stroboscope!  A strobe light or stroboscope using your computer monitor as the flashing light source.  A detailed description and user instructions; Party Lighting!

The following pages may open a little slowly, some may have quite a few photos.

Opossum in Heaven photos

My trash can blew away one day and as a result we had a little visitor.  'Possum in Heaven.

Fawn in the field photos

We tracked down some loud baying and look what we found.

Fooled you, a Morning Glory

Dahlia photos

A dahlia from Carol's gardens here in the Endless Mountains.  Whoops to the right a morning glory, more photos in Dahlia Photos.

My Quotes

Well some quotes just for fun!

Our abandoned puppy

Well we found an orphaned puppy, just dumped in a field on a country dirt road not to far from our house.  And now we have picked up another left over, living at the SPCA for a year!

Our Niagara Falls Jet Boat ride

Just a Video for now!  A truly fun thing to do on a hot summer day!








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