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For email:

Bob at BobsHowTo.com

Please substitute the @ sign for the word "at" when emailing.  I do this to help suppress spam emails to the address, sorry for the inconvenience

For donations or just to mail to Bob:

Bob Matheson
3130 Garrison Rd.
Springville, PA. 18844

Comments, suggestions, criticisms, questions, all welcome!  I have answered all legitimate emails I have received to date and plan to continue to do so.  My email address has been used as a spam mail source address, I apologize for this if you've received something from BobsHowTo you did not want.  For more on this please see my news pages.  I also receive quite a few virus emails, I think because the BobsHowTo email address is in the address book of unfortunate, and unknowing, individuals with virus infected PC's.  It is truly ashame the whole world has to buy anti-virus software!

Thanks for visiting!

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P.S. And Thanks!


Web Site Visitors

When you visit my website www.bobshowto.com certain information is recorded in a log file regarding your visit.  This is virtually true for every website you might visit.  Your Internet address or IP address.  This can be used to look up the name of your Internet Service Provider and may indicate your locality down to a city, primarily because of the way your ISP names your IP address.  What you have searched for and what search engine is also known.  Also where you last visited on the web may be recorded.  These logs have no actual information about you such as name or mailing address.

Making a Paypal purchase or donation

If when visiting www.bobshowto.com you make a purchase or donation through Paypal.  Paypal records your name, what you have purchased including quantity, and your email address.  Paypal makes this information available to me through the secure Paypal website.  None of this information is stored by myself or bobshowto, nor will it be sold to others.

Email received by BobsHowTo.com

I do save all significant emails I receive and send.  To date I have not added email addresses of those who have mailed me to any address book, etc, which should aid in avoiding any potential virus attack hijacking email addresses.

Virus protection

My virus software updates itself on an automated basis daily.  A full virus scan is done weekly.  Some virus protection software may not scan for adware or may not be as thorough so I also run a spyware scanner.

Spyware, adware protection.

My server was at one point infected with a spyware program.  Now my server is periodically scanned for spyware.


I currently do not store information about your visit in any form of encrypted file.  I apologize I simply do not have the technology to achieve this desirable goal.

Your information

I will not sell or distribute any information a visitor has provided me without your prior consent.  I may use anonymous information from the web server logs to improve site performance and for information purposes.


While I do attempt to maintain security of what little information I have, if Paypal's security is breached, this situation is out of my control.  If the security of the Windows XP Professional operating system is breached, it is conceivable email addresses of those that have communicated with me may be stolen.  This is naturally true of any PC with an operating system.

Cookies and Tracking

Currently BobsHowTo itself sets no Cookies, however, the advertisers hosted on BobsHowTo pages, Google Adwords, and Amazon, do place cookies on your computer, phone, etc, and yes the cookies will certainly be used to track your shopping activities, they sure track mine quite accurately!  Cookies and the information in them are usually only accessible by the business/ advertiser that placed them on your PC, but there are services shared by many advertisers that set and then share the data, and even sell the data.  There is nothing I can do about this except stop advertising, and then I would not be able to afford to run the site!

Terms of Service (or use)

By using this website, or accessing its content, or even a single file, you must agree to the Terms of Service and Conditions of Usage as itemized on this page.

Automated Queries

Please do not query any webpage, image, or any file in general using any automated query, device, program, or by using individuals to periodically query this site.  The information provided on this site is provided for the direct viewing by an Internet web visitor.  Please contact Bob for permission before generating any automated query to this site (www.bobshowto.com), or any of its content.

Javascript BOTS

Bots that visit this site that execute Javascript are basically commiting theft of services.  When these BOTS copy page content then execute the embedded javascript they are causing false ad impressions.  www.bobshowto.com has attempted to prevent these false impressions to save advertisers unnecessary costs.


Hotlinking is the process of directly referencing an image published on this website from another website, typically for the purpose of imbedding the image in another website's web page(s). (MySpace.com) is major source of this type of Hot-Linking.  This is not allowed by this website.  Please be aware that this is copyright infringement and theft of services a double whammy!  If an image on the www.bobshowto.com website is Hot-Linked to, by disregarding these Terms of Service, please be aware the accessibility, and even, the content of that image may be changed at any time.

Do not publish snippets from this site without prior authorization

A snippet is a copy of a web page Title, and or Description, and or, an extract from the page content itself.  A search engine like Google does not publish content.  Google's search results are not published for access by other search engines and web users, the search results page's existence is transient.  Many "Directories" do publish snippets; but there is no de facto authorization by the webmaster of this site for them to do so.  This Terms of Service and Use restriction goes above and beyond the restrictions of copyright.

Log Spam & Automated Queries

Log Spam typically refers to the forging of "referrer" strings.  These are strings that are appended to each internet query, typically made by a web browser, but also in many cases made by an automated program, device, or by groups of individuals making periodic queries.  The content of this site is not available to requestors using forged referrer strings.  Solely for diagnostic purposes, and only on an intermittent basis may are reference to this sites content be made with a forged referrer string.

Personal Use Only

The Services of www.bobshowto.com are made available for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not use the content or services of www.bobshowto.com to sell a product or service, or to increase traffic to your Web site for commercial reasons, such as advertising sales. You may not take the contents of a www.bobshowto.com page and reformat, frame, or display them.

Terms and Conditions

How To Documents

Currently documents are only available in electronic form for download.  Please consider these documents confidential, and please note the copyright markings.


Currently bobshowto.com only deals in intellectual property.  The How To documents contain information that once viewed benefits the user regardless whether the actual project described by the document is ever implemented.  In addition considering current pricing, I would rather not provide refunds should you purchase a document.  As it is Paypal takes a significant chunk of the purchase price of these documents.  If you have special conditions please, certainly, email me for further consideration.


I hate to have this but I am afraid I must.  If you use information from this site or from documents you have purchased from this site, you must use the information at your own risk.  You are the designer of your project and must make certain you build safe structures, abide by all laws, local ordinances, building codes, etc.  In most areas if you improve your home you are expected by your local ordinances, to meet all building codes, electrical codes, and local variations on those codes.  Fortunately with the Internet some communities are publishing their ordinances on the Web, which is fantastic.

Tales of Local Ordinances

When I lived in Perkasie in the mid 1990's I once visited my local municipality and asked to read the local ordinances.  At first they were sort of reluctant.  At the time there were usually only two or three actual printed copies so they were like gold.  For example one copy was supposed to be in the local library, but it was out for update, and this was going to be for several months.  When I did read the ordinances one thing I learned was the "husband" was responsible for the "wives" local income taxes!  Should not that have been Spouse!  You can see you can run into some antiquated surprises.

When I lived in Havertown, I wanted to run a business out of my home.  I was selling two computer programs I had written.  I called my local township office and was told outright it was illegal for me to run a business out of my home unless I was a professional!  Examples being dentists and doctors.  Well I went and read the ordinances myself.  Everything I was told on the phone was incorrect.  I could run a business out of my home as long as it was unobtrusive.  It was that simple.

Problems & Complaints

Please report anything about this site that you feel is inappropriate in any way!  Please use the information on my contact page.

Spam Email

One common occurrence is the theft and re-use of website email addresses.  If you have received spam email and the email appears to have originated from www.bobshowto.com, please be assured it has not.  Someone has copied this site's email address and used it as the source address of the spam email sent to you.  I apologize, but there is very little I can do about this, unfortunately.  If you wish, please forward a copy of the spam email to my contact address along with the header information, if possible.  I will then contact www.spamcop.net, to have them attempt to ferret out the actual source of the spam.

Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience!


www.bobshowto.com inserts advertisements from various companies.  In many cases these ads are intended to be informational, especially about pricing.  So many businesses these days have trick pricing schemes.  Please see more about pricing.

Affiliate Commision

Many of these ads are known as "affiliate" ads.  www.bobshowto.com will typically receive a 5% commission from a sale generated by your clicking on these ads.  And if you choose to, that is great.  This relatively small income goes toward keeping the site online.  Buying and maintaining equipment to create and maintain the site content.  Bandwidth is used to maintain the site as well as your use of the site.  Basically, I have to pay the bills!

Not Recommendations

While I have purchased some of the products you see advertised on www.bobshowto.com, I am really not recommending them unless it is clear in the article there is a recommendation.  Many ads are placed on pages to give my visitor a sense of a fair price, hopefully for a reliable product.  Please read all the reviews for these products before you purchase.  But please do use my affiliate links for your purchase.

Please link to this site

Thanks for visiting!  If you would like to link to this site, I have provided HTML code and UBB code to make the task, hopefully, as easy as possible.  (Even easier below).  The UBB (Universal Bulletin Board) code makes it easy to post a link to BobsHowTo when you are posting on a bulletin board.  Please make sure the bulletin board allows you to do this.  Some frown upon hyperlinks in posts.

A link to my home page:

Link:  low cost homemade projects
Code: <a href="http://www.bobshowto.com">low cost homemade projects</a>

A UBB link for use with forum posts, where allowed:

UBB Link:  low cost homemade projects
UBB Code: [url=http://www.bobshowto.com]low cost homemade projects[/url]

Another neat way to link:

Simply drag my sites Icon and text onto your web page editor:
low cost homemade projects www.BobsHowTo.com
Please note that at some point in the future I might have to block access to the actual image provided which is located on my site.  The image may be copied and the hyperlink altered accordingly.

Linking to a specific page in the BobsHowTo site

If you use an HTML editor like Front Page it is extremely easy to link to any page on BobsHowTo.  Please go to my Site Map Table; here you can drag and drop the Hyperlink that points to your topic of interest.  For example if you liked my Firewood Rack page you can "left click" and "hold or grab" the Firewood Rack link on this page or on the Site Map page and then drop it into the page you are editing with Front Page, poof, you have a Hyperlink, and THANKS!  One of the tricks with Windows is to grab an object then place your cursor over the application in your Task Bar (the bar at the bottom of your computer screen), where you want to drop the object.  When you hover over that application in the task bar Windows will automatically switch to that application, like Front Page.  Then just point your cursor to where on your web page you want to place the link and "drop". 

Thanks for links to my site!

As I discover links to my site, at times, I will link back if it appears our sites are compatible.  I definitely appreciate your incoming link.  I do add many outgoing links on my site to informative pages.  In most cases I have received no reciprocal link.









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