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About Bobs How To

This site was created in 2003.  The primary goal of the site is to provide useful information, and pictorial plans, for individuals and home owners, do it yourself'ers.  The site still is running on my home PC using a dialup modem, usually connected at 46.6K.  I have purposely chosen not to use a lot of graphics even in the navigation bars; the goal is to provide good site performance.

Sorry the www.bobshowto.com site is now hosted by IPowerWeb.  Epix and Microsofts IIS 5.1 are just too unreliable.  Our personal site, which I am guilty of not maintaining, is still hosted by my home computer connected to the Internet via 1.3 megabit ADSL 10,000 foot phone line!  Take a look at www.windyhill.info.  (Now running on Apache and supporting GZIP compression!)

Just as I live at RR 1, Box 98 AA (now 3130 Garrison), many, many visitors to this site connect to the Internet through a slower Internet connection and the graphics just slow things down.  I know it is not that pretty.  When I come up with an efficient way to beautify the site, I certainly will!  I have also chosen to stick with a larger than average font.  I feel it may speed up my visitors reading, produce less eye strain, and certainly for the elderly and vision impaired I hope it is a pleasant surprise.  I have laid out the advertising in such a way that the text and content of a page will be presented to the visitor quickly, the ads will slowly trickle in.  I have also tried to structure the site pages so the text will not keep jumping while the page loads.  If you see this problem please drop me a line at Bob at BobsHowTo.com, please tell me what page or pages you've had the problem with.

I do apologize for the advertising, but, another goal of the site is to at least offset its expenses!  I wish some of the advertisers would provide non-blinking versions of their ads, but some do not offer non-blinking ads.  I have .  If you are interested they are a good way for websites to make money.  Most of the non-popup ads only pay a commission on an actual sale, many Pop-ups pay when a pop-up occurs.  Even MSN is serving Pop-ups now.

Also I have been delinquent completing some of the How To documents.  I will finish these documents.

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BHT Revised: 22 Oct 2016


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Copyright 2003-2016 Robert Matheson.  All rights reserved.  Email Bob at BobsHowTo.com - . 

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