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Thanks to all my visitors, customers, and donors, much appreciated!

Thanks, visitors, donors, customers!

Occasionally I receive feedback from visitors to my site.  At times I have received donations with supportive comments, some from anonymous sources.  I created this page to thank all my visitors, customers, and donors, it is much appreciated!

To the anonymous donors this is the only way I can say thanks, so I hope to begin publishing some of this input and hopefully the donor will recognize their contribution and please accept this as my thanks!  I believe I am restricting the information I publish enough so that anonymity is preserved.  If not please contact me at Bob "at" BobsHowTo.com, use the @ sign in place of "at", and I will remove the offending information immediately.

11/27/2007 Thanks to my visitors for supporting BobsHowTo

Many visitors have shopped through my Amazon links.  It is much appreciated, thanks.  I have literally have hundreds of new topics and projects to write How To's about and I hope at least a few will help you in your endeavors. As always I will try to provide a new, unique, perspective on these topics.  Thanks again, Bob.

4/21/2005 Thanks for the tractor purchase

I want to thank the person who chose to purchase a tractor (I am guessing) through one of my advertising links (See select compact tractor).  Whenever someone makes a purchase through one of my advertising links, I pretty much just know it happened and how much was spent, that is it.  You remain completely anonymous to me.  But a large purchase like this definitely helps support ongoing growth of this site.  When you purchase through these advertising links you are purchasing a product at no additional cost to you, but you are benefiting Bobs How To.

Thanks again,

Thanks Richard for the donation! The canceled envelope

To: bob at bobshowto.com
Subject: firewood rack - donation
Thank you for the plans. The firewood rack went together very nicely. I
built two. They are in service in my garage. How do I send a donation?
Wichita, KS

To: bob at bobshowto.com
Subject: buy yourself a cold one
Iíve dropped a fin in the collection plate.  I used your firewood rack plan to fashion up a couple racks.  Very simple, could have designed it from scratch, but why bother when somebody else has already done the suffering for you?

Thanks again,









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