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Fun with Sports and Hobbies.

You have to look hard to find the best sports equipment prices.  Don't forget used!
Don't forget when researching a product that perhaps the vendor has written a few reviews.

Nowadays I like to pursue sports and hobbies primarily for fun versus competition.  Don't get me wrong, competition is still good, but the pressure of competition ( racing ? ) can diminish the fun at times.  So the topics here will tend to concentrate on the fun aspects.

Tennis return of serve "trick"

After years of play, and a fading return of serve, I stumbled upon a good trick!  Tennis return of serve.

Skiing - Tips for you next ski trip

I think some of these tips are obvious, but some are unique!  Please give them a quick read before your next trip, so you can have even more fun!  Have fun skiing!

Skiing - Looking Good Skiing

Looking good skiing, this is sample of fun versus competition.  For the average skier I would say there are basically two styles of skiing you should consider, relaxed skiing and aggressive skiing.  Frankly most of my skiing is relaxed skiing and when you are relaxed you can concentrate on "Looking Good Skiing", Read more!

Skiing - Bowed Legs and Ski Boot Cant

For me this was one of the most important equipment adjustments I have made.  A very small adjustment made a huge difference for me as a beginner / intermediate skier.  Boot Cant Adjustment Read more!

Ski Videos

Ski Videos have really helped me improve, and they are truly entertaining, great with friends!

Arizona Snow Bowl Ski lift in summerSkiing - Handling a steep drop off, steep trail, or precipice

This was another learning revelation.  You have to build up to this one but it can really give you confidence entering those steep ski trails.  Skiing steep terrain, Read more

In the near future:

Radio Control airplanes, helicopters, boats, cars

I have quite a bit of radio control equipment, most of it antiquated, but I hope to resurrect it sometime in the next year or two.

Sources, References, and Links:

Why ski? Some reasons; a lifetime family sport is one:


Same is true with tennis, although I think skiing is a more relaxing and flexible family activity.

  A Penn State outlook on tennis.









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