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Quality, Caring, and Pet Peeves?

One of my Pet Peeves is the deceptive advertising, lack of quality and caring, and even ethics, on the part of businesses these days.

On these pages I hope to contribute to improving the quality of business.  Caring for customers by providing services and products of quality at very competitive prices is essential for good business.  In essence I will be documenting my Pet Peeves about business practices which annoy the customer (me!).  Why companies waist money on annoying marketing gimmicks instead of just dropping their prices and competing!  If marketing costs were cut there would be no US trade deficit, people would buy US products because they would be competitive in price and quality.

Where appropriate I will try to identify those who are ultimately responsible for these annoying practices.  Granted today's thrust in business is to empower the individual, manager, or department, but at times it is getting out of control and wasting a lot of your and my money!

I am a bit of a hypocrite here, one goal of this web site is to support itself using advertisements!  But I do avoid pop-ups and other bad advertising.  I do wish some advertisers, appropriate to my site, would offer non flashing ads, but they do not.

Our home in storage

My modular home quality?

Washers on the steel beamTo buy a modular ranch home; that was our decision regarding improving our property we now call Windy Hill in the Endless Mountains.  When you first purchase a modular home, or any home, you tend to be biased and think you made the right decision.  We made a lot of mistakes and I hope I can document many things to look out for with your purchase.  I hope to document all the good and bad things about our modular home purchase.  The photo to the right shows two washers left on the steel beam, so the house is now two washers higher near the eastern end; think I will ever get them out? Not. Read more!

Delivery of our new home

It was truly amazing watching all the people and machinery our money was paying for during the delivery of our new home.  It came in two pieces and the house actually ended up being stored on the lot for two weeks.  We did not like that part.  The picture above shows the rear half being towed from storage up to the crane for placement on the foundation.  Please see our Home Delivery.

Manufactured versus Stick built

Here is an interesting commentary on considerations of cost savings in Stick Built homes.

Stick built can be cheaper

Human Resources.  Are you a lump of coal?

Why are business owners denigrating their coworkers?  Human Resources (HR) used to be called Personnel, why the name change?  A resource is a lump of coal. Are you a lump of coal?


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