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Landscape Ideas and Design

Landscaping ideas and landscaping design projects are the purpose of this page and the pages below.  As we improve our property I hope to document in pictorial detail our landscaping ideas and designs.  As always I am trying new techniques to get the best material prices.  I have already completed a surface water drainage system and some nice rustic red stone sidewalks.  I have also prepared 3 separate shed foundations over the years.  On my Tips and Tricks pages I have documented a simple lawn edging technique that will hopefully reduce edging time.  Hopefully more to follow.

Kubota B7610 with Garden BedsOur New Kubota B7610HST tractor with loader

Well we bit the bullet and dipped into savings to purchase a new Kubota Tractor model B7610HSD.  Kubota Tractor.  Now known as the B2320, B2620, B2920.

My mower blades will not disengage

This problem has gotten worse over time and it is a significant safety hazard.  I have addressed this lack of disengagement in the past with a minor tweak in the mower deck design.  But now the problem is back with a vengeance.

Eurocardan PTO shaft puzzles and tips

Well we have purchased a PTO Post Hole Digger (or Auger) for our Kubota tractor.  Part of the assembly of this auger involves mounting the PTO shaft on the auger gear box.  Frankly this PTO shaft was rather puzzling and here are several tips that hopefully will help you along if you are in a similar situation.  PTO Shaft Tips.

My trailer with twin axlesMy dual axle utility trailer review

We decided since landscape material delivery costs were so high that we could save money by buying our own tandem axle utility landscape trailer.  I reviewed a lot of considerations before choosing a tandem axle trailer.  Also a unique method of unloading the trailer.

Capping the driveway with 1/2" minus stoneFix the stone driveway

The driveway is five years old, somewhat sunken, covered with grass and weeds.  It is time for some driveway repair, just add 75 tons of stone and the stone driveway is repaired!

Mulching a steep slope.

We have locations on our property where there are short steep slopes we would like to mulch.  It is great to put landscape cloth under mulch, but guess what happens on a steep slope?  Correct it all falls down!  To compound our problem we have very high winds at times, we are in a high exposed area surrounded by open fields.  I will document our attempts and hopefully success at resolving these problems.  Steep slope mulching!

An effort saving tip when using your hose reel.

This tip for your hose reels should save you time and effort, and, wear and tear on the hose reel itself (and you too!).  Reel your hoses easily.

Would you like to skip the installation of underground landscape piping?

I know I needed a shortcut.  I just could not afford the time and money for trenching and all the fixtures and fittings.  So here's my shortcut to landscape piping, a tip.

LawnTractorLift.JPG (901946 bytes)My mower deck service station

I will bet you would like to have this available, a mower deck service area with a homemade lawn tractor lift system, using a winch, which should be a hoist, but that is all I had available.

Surface Water Drainage system 

One project I have already completed is a surface water drainage system around the foundation of our mountain home.  When we moved in the grading around the foundation was not that great and we had some moisture in our basement, even though we have a gravity driven drain pipe around the base of our foundation.  I was going to add several yards of topsoil to our front yard along the foundation to assure there was sufficient grade for good drainage.  But before doing this I proceeded to add a surface water drainage system along two of our foundation walls to absolutely assure the basement will be relatively dry.

A Stone Shed Foundation for a 12 x 24 building on a slope.

For this shed first a very rough cut was done on the top soil to build what should be a minimum 14' x 26' pad of stone.  Why 14' x 26'?  With out some form of retaining boards you need a foot more of stone outside the perimeter of the building to weigh down and retain the stone beneath the building.  Some will say it is to handle the waterfall from the building but it really is for stone retention and stability.  I know my pad is not big enough and the building has settled some, unfortunately as I anticipated it would!

A Wooden Shed Foundation for a 12 x 16 building on slope.

This one was in a community requiring a permit ( $120 ).  Footers below the frost line were a requirement.  In this case I built a "deck like" foundation out of 4' x 6's and 4' x 4's using 12 concrete footers bored below the frost line.


Sources, References, and Links:

Seattle's shed permit requirements, bigger than 12 x 12, you will need a permit.  Our first 12 x 16 shed permit requirements demanded footers below the frost line.  I put in 12 and basically built a deck foundation to slide the shed onto.  Anybody that does not ask about the permit just puts out a big pile of 2b stone!

  Seattle permit requirements

Pennsylvania's trailer brake requirements code:

PA Code 175.123. Braking systems.









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