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How To pictorial plans and designs for the Do It Yourself aficionado.

Most of these projects use materials with low prices.
I try to provide other "how to" plan reviews.

The homemade Do It Yourself pictorial plans and designs that follow should help the home owner, woodworker, gardener, landscaper, and hobbyist, complete new and novel household projects using low cost materials and minimum effort.

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Improve Vision, if you wear glasses

Vision careHere is a neat "How To" regarding vision care.  Improve your eyesight with this simple, low cost, improvement to your glasses.  Eye Care.

Sample Under Cabinet Jar Opener plans

A simple very low cost ( materials $4.00 ) bottle opener you can construct and install in most kitchens in two hours.  This sample "How To" allows you or your spouse to use two hands  to open jars quickly without strain ( great for the elderly / senior citizen ).  This easy to build jar opener will be invisible, under cabinet, but still convenient in almost all kitchens!  Sore hands, arthritis a problem; using two hands to hold the bottle while you twist the bottle in this homemade kitchen bottle opener, makes it easy.  Read more Jar Opener plans.

Reduce Wasps in siding design

A simple method to prevent wasps nesting in your vinyl siding.  With this How To there is less need to kill wasps.  This "How To" is not a chemical solution to the problem, but please always read the label of any spray you might use on your siding or roofing shingles.  These chemicals can destroy your home.  If you have an allergy to wasps this design will truly help.  If you want to eliminate wasps give this "How To" a try.  Read more, Reduce Wasps in siding.

Fold Up Germination Rack plans

A simple indoor, outdoor, seedling rack, or, germination rack; a great way to start your seeds.  This sturdy wooden planting rack will fold up for storage.  Great for those South facing sliding glass door locations.  Weather proof treated lumber is used so this homemade seed planting rack may be set up outdoors to harden off your plants, or, in your moist greenhouse environment use this homemade seedling rack for your greenhouse shelves.  Read more homemade Greenhouse Shelves plans.

Do It Yourself Firewood Rack plans

A modular, low cost, simple wooden outdoor firewood rack that breaks down for storage.  Also a good way to transport your firewood after stacking.  This fold up wooden firewood stand can be constructed for about $15.00.  This easy to build firewood rack is constructed from treated wood.  Build several homemade firewood rack (s) for a wood rack handling system.  You can easily build your log rack any size.  Read more build Firewood Rack plans

Do It Yourself Under Deck Ceiling System

Make your deck into a roof!  This homemade under deck ceiling system can be installed at a very low cost, about $0.42 cents per square foot.  This under deck roof may help reduce wasps or even eliminate wasps ( paper wasps ) that like to nest under your deck or under your porch floor.  You can use this design on just your wooden porch floor if you have a paper wasp problem.  Perhaps you have a damp basement or wet basement, install this low cost system under your porch floor and you will have a under deck drainage system that will funnel water away from your foundation.  Once you build this under deck roof system you will have a deck roof over your head.  Read more ceiling system under deck .  

Spreading Stone

Forget the rake and shovel, spread stone in much less time with a power garden tool you may already have.  Improve your stone driveway or build that stone storage shed foundation with a little less manual labor.  Another small demonstration "How To" available to all.  This "How To" is a work in progress on how to move stone.  (I need another stone moving project to document the technique well!).

Killing Grass

Killing Weeds too.  Here is a simple method to kill grass and kill weeds over a significant area using non-chemical items already available in your home, no flames involved!  This unique technique could be called an organic solution.  Kill grass in that stone driveway, mine will be the example for this "How To".  If killing grass and killing weeds in your driveway is your goal, try this "How To".

Do It Yourself Hammock Stand plans

A low cost, economical too, wood Hammock Stand with some unique features.  This easy to build Hammock Stand will fold up!  Once you build this wood hammock frame you can hide it away in the off season.  After you construct this hammock stand from these plans you will see the design has an offset frame rather than having a heavy support running directly under you.  If your Hammock ever fails you will fall on the grass not this homemade wooden hammock stand! Read more wood Hammock Frame design.

Our cat, comfortably wear her CapeCat Cape cat homemade pet medication aid

A simple aid to give your cat medicine.  This low cost pet medication aid should save your hands from a lot of damage while you give your cat care.  Applying medications to your pets eyes, nose, or throat will be much easier.  The cat cape will aid pet medication.  Help avoid the inevitable scratching with the cat cape.

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