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Projects around the home, some very simple. 

As I do chores around the house like fix my slow drains or light my wood stove, I hope to document anything that makes life easier and more economical.

A bright light for reading

Quad LEDS in Closets, PantriesThe new LED bulbs for reading, not likely?  There is a solution to this problem, please see my fix.  More light to read by.  The new bulbs are just not bright enough.  To the right you see my fix for closets, pantries, etc.  240 Watts equivalent, consuming 4 x 9 (36)Watts.  AND, if you really need it a spare bulb or two for somewhere else!

Save that old smelly sponge!

A tip to get more life out of those kitchen sponges.  There is life in that sponge and it might be a good idea to remove it safely.

The key to lighting a wood stove; and it is usually not in the manual

You fire up the wood stove and 10 minutes later it is out.  This solution is probably not in your owners manual, but it does work very well, as long as you you do it carefully.

Reliable low cost discount long distance service.

When we moved to the Endless Mountains we had to cut expenditures.  Our phone bill was one that was easily improved from 10 cents a minute to 5 cents a minute; it makes a big difference.  Read more and save money! Please do read this review.

Mice scratching in the attic ?

I have been fighting them for five years now in our new 27' by 56' modular home in the Endless Mountains.  Attic mice are definitely annoying and over time could do some harm.  The first year they got into our house proper, I solved this one pretty quickly, but the attic has been another story!  Read more, Attic mice.

The old thermostat before installing the setback thermostatInstalling programmable baseboard thermostats

I have finally been able to install programmable baseboard setback thermostats in our home in the Endless Mountains.  I have documented what I did to complete this setback thermostat installation.  Also I have tried to supply examples of reasonable prices.

Here is a good article about setback thermostats from the department of energy:

  energy.gov energysaver thermostats 

Heating the basement, cheapHeating our basement, a project with multiple goals.

I wanted to heat our basement, but I also wanted to warm up the flooring on the first floor.  I wanted to do this at a low cost.  Warm toes !.

Pictorial procedure demonstrates a fix to the most common cause of a slow drain,  and it is not the trap!

It is, as always, a disgusting chore though, but one that needs to be documented.

Repair sliding patio door

Here is one I know needs to be documented.  I monitor what my visitors search for before they arrived at BobsHowTo.  All web sites can do this!  The phrase or words you type in to search for a topic are passed by the search engine in the request to visit the site you clicked on.  Quite a few people have looked for information regarding the repair of sliding patio doors!  So I hope to document this in the not to distant future.








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