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A low cost do it yourself seedling germination rack

Here is an easy to build, fold up, seedling germination rack for your greenhouse or even sliding glass door location.

Please check out the sample Kitchen Jar Opener plans!  If you were looking for a homemade greenhouse please look here: BobsHowTo.com - My goal to build a homemade greenhouse, foundation, and drainage

do it yourself seedling rack in sliding glass door.This easy to build germination rack is designed for one job, starting seeds!  It is designed to exactly fit the typical seedling starter trays you buy at your local garden center (21 1/2" x 11 1/8" outside dimensions).  Please before you start make sure your seedling trays outer dimensions are the same.  It is compact and can easily stand inside a sliding glass door in the early spring allowing you to conveniently start your seedlings.  The materials are very low cost ($13.00-$14.00) and the construction of this rack is straight forward.  This easy to build seedling rack also will fold up for compact storage.  You can use this rack outdoors or in your green house as well.  This "How To" has many photos documenting the construction of this Germination Rack.  There is no gluing or joinery, everything bolts together after drilling a few holes.   Also included is a material cutting list and detailed information about the very basic hardware used and how you may easily obtain the hardware at your local building materials supplier or hardware store.

do it yourself greenhouse shelves ready for storage!Here is the fold up seedling rack ready for storage after break down.  Two wing nuts and a tap with the hammer is all it takes!  You can store 4 of these racks folded up in the space it takes for one in use.
For a reality check please remember just one 2" x 2" x 8" treated deck baluster lumber costs $2.40.

ISBN #0878577521 A 385 page paperback rated highly and at an excellent price!

This "How To" is available for $1.50 (NOW FREE!) with payment currently only through Pay Pal.  Pay Pal has many advantages for a credit card customer, you will be buying from Bob's How To almost completely anonymously.  I will not see or be able to store any of your personal or credit card information saved by Pay Pal.  Pay Pal is well respected and now owned by Ebay.  If you follow the Buy Now link below you may download the full Germination Rack "How To".  When printed this "How To" is about 11 pages long.

I like to keep things simple, after your purchase you will reach the "How To" page. You can use your browser's "File", "Save As", function to make your own personal copy of this "How To" web page.  This copy will include the "How To" document with pictures.  If you would like to test saving a "How To" in this fashion please just try your browser "Save As" function on this page!  The only difference may be the blue background will be gone.  Please do use your "Save As" function, the "How To" page may no longer exist if you try to return.  This page will always remain.  If you have any problems please email me at Bob at BobsHowTo.com using @ in place of the word "at".  I do this to avoid spam e-mailers from automatically recording my email address, Sorry for the inconvenience!

This How To may take about 4 minutes to open at 46.6.  This is because of the large photos included.

Germination Rack "How To"   $FREE!


Build these greenhouse shelves and fold them up for more space when you need it!


Sources and References

A suggested book on starting seeds:

ISBN #0878577521








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